Sunday, February 18, 2007

Canes/Habs O-T-W-Nice List

Leafs Consider Activating Home Guard for Playoff Push

Finally, a fun one to watch, and on a night when the Thrash continued their death spiral. Despite their inconsistent play, the Canes are within two points of the SE Division lead. Trade talk still swirls around Carolina's pursuit of a rent-a-winger, but I still believe a stud on defense will be a better add heading into the playoffs. A lot of those rumors point to either Anson Carter or Kyle Calder as targets the Hurricanes are pursuing. I don't see either as difference makers.

The Canadians of the last few weeks remind me a lot of the Canes of the last few weeks. When they are off their game, they seem to wander around on defense and drop pucks at the blueline just hoping somebody else will make a play. Joe Vasicek is still doing that crap. There were a couple of occasions last night when he should have driven the net instead of circling and dropping the puck.

Ever one to dwell on the positive, here's last night's OTWN list:
1. Rod Brind 'Amour: Notched the 400th goal of his stellar career. Oh yeah, he also shut-down Koivu and company.

2. Tim Gleason: Great poise in not throttling Mike Johnson after he took a run a Cam Ward. The old Timmayyy would have taken a dumb retaliation penalty in that situation.

3. Chad Larose: Clearly a better bunter than hockey sniper, Chadsworth still found a way to get into the box score.

4. Scott Walker: The Pete Rose (circa 1975) of the Canes. Hustle, edge and effort beyond his God-given abilities on every shift.


magnolia_mer said...

I think Colesy also deserves a nod for playing better on a sore hip than many of our players do when they're healthy. :-)

Justin said...

I've read quite a few people dogging Big Joe and I'm certainly one of the ones who cringe as he skates up the ice at seeming half-speed. However, I have to give Joe props for his Montreal effort. He seemed to me to be skating with an intensity Saturday that I'd not seen in him certainly since he's been back with the hurricanes.

In a funny way, he reminds me of the really tall kid in HS who clearly had the natural size and talent but almost no desire or drive to block the damn shot or dunk the ball. Its aggravating to watch sometimes.

CasonBlog said...

Crikey! My son is Joe Vasicek! My son however does promise to hit somebody next season.