Friday, February 23, 2007

The Crack Ho of Luck and Anson Carter

She must be a Philly Phanatic

Lady luck was not much of a lady last night. She was a cheap crack ho who rolled over easy for the Carolina Hurricanes in their time of need. She was there when Roddy scored the first goal on a change-up wrister that Niittymaki mishandled, and she was working Edwards Mill Road when Glen Wesley scored the game winner 16 seconds into the OT. The only guy on the Canes bench less likely to score a game-winning goal, shorthanded in OT, was probably Wally Tatomir. The Flyers played with great esprit last night. They may still kill some playoff hopes before it is all over.

I don't know about you all, but I find my pucker factor pegging every time the Canes hit the three minutes remaining mark of a game tied or within one goal. Roddy's tripping penalty happened as part of a bang-bang collision, but the timing could not have been worse. Starting a OT period down 3 on 4 is usually the kiss of death for your Carolina Hurricanes, but last night the crack ho of luck strolled in at just the right time. Wheew.

Canes didn't make up much ground on division and conference rivals on a night where every Eastern Conference game went to OT. Tomorrow night in the ATL will be UUUUGE. And Frodo and Vinny get to sit and watch from the comfort of that game room in the TV commercial where they seem to have frequent late-night male bonding sessions...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Oooh, that was nice list
1. Timmmay pummels a very deserving Todd Fedoruk, then coolly ices his knuckles in the penalty box

2. Andrew Ladd doing the power forward thing in the crease and along the boards all night. JR - Do not let this kid go.

3. Johnny Grahame as a hybrid shotgun QB/goalie. He may be the second best puck moving defenseman on the Canes roster.

Re: Anson Carter
Liked him in those old Center Ice commercials with Jeremy Roenick - until they played those spots absolutely to death. As of today, the most valuable Anson in a sketch comedy is still Anson Williams. Carter was the bomb with the Sedins last year. This year, he's more like the NHL's Potsy Webber. Let's see what he brings down the stretch. He knows that from this point on, every night is an audition for a role on some team next season.


magnolia_mer said...

I'll quote Mr. Monk: "Makes me want to LOL out loud."

I knew Crackers had it in him. Would like to see him get a few more starts.

I have no knowledge about Mr. Carter so I'll have to watch and see if he's a good get or not.

Timmay rules!

The Acid Queen said...

He's such a Potsie!

Anyway--I'm kinda lukewarm on the trade (I haven't had a lot of time to digest it, since I've been working almost nonstop since I woke up yesterday afternoon). At least we only gave up a fifth-rounder.