Friday, February 09, 2007

Death to my DVR...and about Joe Vasicek

One of these will do nicely

I'm looking for a rocket launcher and one of those new Chinese anti-satellite missiles today. The RPG for my DVR and the missile for the Direct TV satellite.

Last night was soccer, track and school musical night, and it wasn't until around 10:30 that I finally got to settle down in the comfy chair to watch the Canes drub the Bruins. First thing I did was FF thru the game to make sure my DVR from Hell captured the whole game. Check. Got it all. The box then dumps the whole game. Now when you want to delete a recording, it's a multi-step process. Box never fails to successfully capture and archive Chinpokomon and Everybody Loves Raven. Noooooo, it's hockey that seems to crash and burn every other friggin' night.

The Return of Joe

I went looking for an N&O article I read right after the Canes made the Jack Johnson deal. I remember Eric Belanger being quoted in the article saying something to the extent of he and Tim Gleason really didn't know each other very well - hadn't really talked much until that plane ride. Whaaaat? Anecdotal yes, but it offers at least a hint as to how much one or both of these guys contributed to team chemistry back on the Kings.

So Joe is back. If it's big, slow, lumbering and emotionless Joe Vasicek who is back, this move is not worth the two billable hours of lawyering and paperwork it took to finish the deal. If Joe takes the David Tanabe approach and embraces this chance to make himself at least marketable in the off-season, JR might have pulled a minor coup in this move.

My last memory of Belanger as a Cane will be of him raising his arms in celebration of a shot that hit the crossbar the other night in Montreal. Of course as he celebrated and drifted across the crease, he missed a chance to chip in an easy goal. For some, I guess, it's really all about the big group hug.

A healthy, motivated and mean Joe Vasicek might well prove a welcome addition to the Canes third line. I think a lot of us took the opportunity of the re-signing of Tanabe to joke that his return might signal the start of re-sign-old-homeboy week. It took a little more than a week, but JR does seem to love his homeys.

Irbe to Hurricanes (e1)

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