Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Forecasting a lull in the trade rumor talk

Time to Rediscover a Little Magic
My favorite pic from last summer (compliments of Stormbringer who got it somewhere else)

Jim Rutherford is quoted in Lord Stanley's Blog:

"We were working on a couple of things, and I think we're going to pass on them," said Rutherford, who traveled with the Hurricanes for tomorrow night's game against the Canadiens. "The prices are a bit high, and I still believe in our team. So I'm not going to overpay just to make changes."

This tells me JR wants to give Frankie a chance to jump start the PP, and give this roster one last run at finding some freaking chemistry before he pulls the ejection lever on some suspecting underachiever. With no scheduled games against league powerhouses until February 24 in the ATL, now would be a nice time for certain fellas to get their -bleep- together.

Bottom line - I think it's still a week or so too early to dump anybody, and the Canes have nobody of significant value to offer in trade with the possible exception of pending UFA, Ray Whitney. Trading Whitney would be dumb at this point. He's the leading scorer and the kind of guy who makes a clubhouse hum with fraternal good will. Can't you just see him right in the middle of a photoshoot like the one depicted above? Andrew Hutchinson might attract some interest with his offensive upside, but the rest of the league has the book by now on David Tanabe.

So it's time for guys like Eric Belanger, Trevor Letowski, John Grahame and Nic Wallin to prove they belong on this club. And remember boys, there might be an old guy with skills, atrophied pectoral muscles and a burning desire to win a Cup out there who would love to take your job.

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