Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Glittering Chalice of Justice Overfloweth with the Sweet Nectar of Victory

I say to you Bob Hartley - Knock off all that evil!

For some reason, as I sat and watched last night's Canes/Thrash tilt, I was beset with Tick re-sets. It's no secret that I think the Thrash are evil incarnate, so maybe that's what generated what proved to be a flood of nonsensical Tick riffs. They started right about the time punk-ass John Sim laid an after-the-whistle shoulder into Bret Hedican's jaw on an icing call. They continued every time Ilya Koval-chick motored around the ice with nothing to show for all that flash and dash. And after Frankie Kaberle sprung Justin Williams for the goal that put the Canes lead out of reach, I lept to my feat and proclaimed in my best borderline psychotic Southern Baptist preacher voice:
Know ye this, Atlanta Thrashers. Evil is just plain bad! You don't cotton to it. You gotta smack it in the nose with the rolled-up newspapaper of justice! Bad dog! Bad dog!
Just one victory in what will need to be a string of victories if the Canes are going to qualify for the playoffs. Time to put this one away and move on. I'm not not going crazy! I'm going sane in a crazy world! There I go again...


1. Justin Williams - Two goals scored while getting clobbered. Any questions about his selection as an All Star? Put him on the fourth line will 'ya Lindy Ruff?

2. John Grahame - Saved some serious Cane bacon...again.

3. Canes Team Defense - A swarming pack of gamma ray-enriched mutant fire ants OF JUSTICE!!!

In Other News
The Thrash immediately sounded general quarters after last night's game and gave away the immediate future of the franchise to pick up Keith Tkachuk and Alexei Zhitnik. The Braydon Coburn experience is now officially over. If the Thrash win the Cup, it'll all be worth it. Hell of a gamble.
I thought Anson Carter did a lot of floating last night. He made some nice passes, but wasn't much of a factor. Let's give him a pass for a few games. I don't think Tkachuk is going to come in floating Monday night in front of all his New England homeys. Sunday, March 4 will be a night of high drama in the city that Sherman watched burn.


d-lee said...

I agree that Tarantula Head looked like the Condor out there -- just floating. I also agree that he should be given a free pass. I don't think he had an opportunity to practice with his new teammates, or really even to learn their names.
I think the Staal line is the right place for him, though. At least for now. Once he settles in, I think we'll see good things from him.

The Acid Queen said...

"Where e're evil dost lay its dirty feet we shall mop the floor with its buttocks!"

Oh wait, that's Baldur's Gate--not The Tick.