Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Today would have been the 96th birthday of President Ronald Wilson Reagan. If you served in the armed services in the mid-1980's, I think you, like me will always revere President Reagan for restoring pride and dignity to military service.

Hillary Clinton used to say she talked to the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt while in the White House. I wish our current president would start listening to Ronald Reagan.


magnolia_mer said...

I loved Reagan for being my comforter-in-chief when Challenger exploded, regardless of anything else he may have done in office. He was a wonderful public speaker.

I also think his attitude towards the military helped my Vietnam vet dad regain some self-esteem.

Emmie said...

Reagan was a star, a great man and an excellent leader, what more could out nation have wished for. Happy Birthday Mr. President.
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Garrett said...

So when are we going to name it the "Ronald-Reagan-Defender-of-the Constitution" Blvd.

CasonBlog said...

I think they one of those in Cincinnati. Not sure about the defender of the universe part.

admin said...

My favorite President and I happen to share the same birthday. It's an honor.