Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Les Hurricane des Caroline go deposent all over les Canadien

Vive' la Kaber-Luh!

Les feed du Ice Centre was a la Francaise am gestern. Les Hurricanes 2 buts - Les Habitant 1 buts. Oui, un 2 buts du Hurricane a la supériorité numérique. Huzzah! Le défenseur Frantisek Kaber-luh scored the but de la victoire in his premiere contestant' nach dem surgerie' du shoulder! Gitchi gitchi ya ya da da. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir, and Creole Lady Marmalade all the way to Boston, baby!

OBTW: I took German not French in high school, but I bet you couldn't tell. And "buts" are goals. Heh, heh, he said, "buts."

In Other News:

Nice summary of NHL team needs heading towards the trade deadline in the Globe & Mail, by General de Division du Primier Empire, Pierre Lebrun (H/T Spector).

I was shocked to see Anton Babchuk's name listed as trade bait. At first read, I thought Pierre a moitie fou. Why would JR trade a kid the organization was grooming for future greatness? Then I read the N&O and saw that junior decided to have an Enver Lisin moment. Damn son. Don't blow it all up now you big dummy (channeling Fred Sanford). JR sent you down because it was you or Andrew Ladd, and for the next week or so, defense he's got. You get a rep as an attitude problem, and you'll be spending your winter evenings with Sergei Samsonov at les Arches du McDonald, a la Russe' errr, Ukraine'.

Time for some deep digging, Miseur LukeDeCock.

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magnolia_mer said...

Very funny, Casey. I'm ROTFL.

You get a victory brownie.