Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ooooh, that was nice in Jessethebodyville

Ooooh, that was nice vs. the Wild
1. John Grahame was the best puck-carrying defender on the ice for the Canes last night.
2. Staal, Williams, Walker and Whitney worked their asses off last night to keep the Canes in the game.
3. Canes give up four straight goals and loose the game, but the Hurricanes home page offers this summary headline: "HURRICANES FALL JUST SHORT OF COMEBACK."

#63 was back and looking like the Joe Vasicek of old. Strong on the puck along the boards, but rarely in a position to do anything with it.

Note to Joe: Welcome back smiley. Now get your big euro-ass in front of the net, or at least drive your big euro-ass to the net with the puck. Eric Belanger gave the Canes a "nice" periphery puck mover. He's now gone.

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magnolia_mer said...

I'll say it for you about the lone goal from Laddie boy in the Rangers game last night: "Oooh, that was nice."