Monday, February 05, 2007

Pics of the Canes White House visit are up

Now on Worth a slow scroll. Damn it's good to see Matt Cullen, AWard and Marty Gerber again. Tell me seeing them doesn't make you wonder what if. With Sean Avery now a Blueshirt, I wonder what that means to Matt's #2 centerman spot.

My favorite pick of the bunch is the bomb-dog sniffing around the Cup. Not sure if rover is protecting our national security or sizing up a opportunity to mark some territory.

Mike Sunheim's running blog of the day is worth the read as well. Now enhanced with amateur photos.


d-lee said...

My favorite pic is the one with Eric Staal all "WOO-HOO!!!!" and Cam Ward looking at him like "Dude, you've gotta calm down!"
In that same pic, Andrew Ladd is in the middle of blinking, so you can't help but think that he's thinking "What? Where are we?"

CasonBlog said...

Damn Canadians.

magnolia_mer said...

My favorite story is the one of Cam Ward asking "Is this the old Oval Office or the new one?" and Brindy laughing at him.