Monday, February 05, 2007

R.I.P. Billy Henderson

Billy Henderson pictured second from left
I finally got an iPod for Christmas. After I loaded up my Steely Dan, Counting Crows and Tears for Fears libraries, I started browsing at the iTunes store. For some reason, I went on a 70's R&B rampage. I downloaded Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, 5th Dimension, and of course, Me and Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul.

Yesterday, I saw a scroll on some cable news channel that Billy Henderson of the Spinners died over the weekend. I went back and looked at the R&B folder I created on the iPod that day and realized that on that rampage, I downloaded more Spinners songs than any other that day - more than even Marvin Gaye.

  • Could it be I'm falling in love

  • I'll be around

  • One of a kind love affair

  • Games people play

  • Then came you

  • The rubberband man
I've always loved the slick harmonies, strings and horns on Spinners songs. Thanks Billy.

UPDATE: Here's a nice obit and summary from a Web site called Soul Tracks


magnolia_mer said...

I have a hilarious story about me and the Spinners on a flight from Houston to Shreveport, LA. I was on my way to see my folks and they were playing a gig at one of the Casinos. Casino Magic, I think.

We were stuck in the small B terminal they use for puddle jumpers and the flight was delayed for some reason. Finally we're walked onto the tarmac to get into a plane only to be stopped cold at the stairs and told it's not our plane and to go back to the terminal. The Spinners are getting pretty hot by this time, especially when the pilot chews one of them out for standing too close to one of the props. In their brilliance, Continental sent us out there largely unsupervised.
So we end up marched back to the terminal and given coupon books that redeemable only at that terminal's snack bar.

So for being delayed nearly an hour and a half, we got basically an $8 hot dog and a $5 Bell South phone card.

We finally catch a flight and the road manager sat with me. We shot the breeze and shared my Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits cd, cause he had a player with two headphone ports.

By the time I get to Shreveport, I've bonded with half the band, and my mother is clueless as to why this big group of elderly black gentlemen are waving good-bye to me and complimenting me on my lovely smile and disposition.

The funny part is that when I got home I wrote a letter complaining to Continental about how we were treated, and I got a letter back saying, "Our records show that your flight left as scheduled. Thanks for choosing Continental."

And that's one of my brushes with greatness. I love these guys.

CasonBlog said...

Wow, that beats the Hell out my brush with greatness in a book store with Vitas Gerualitis. Vitas didn't seem to value personal hygiene.

Glad to know the Spinners are indeed a class bunch of guys.