Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Trade Watching

T-Minus 30 Minutes: Deadline and deals are flying. Bupkis from the Carolina Hurricanes up to now.

  • Thrash deal for another big body with possible character issues in Pascal Dupuis. Just because he has scored recently against the Canes, I'm guessing.
  • Caps move Dainius Zubrus for a 2007 first rounder and Juri Novotny-Niiiiice Euro-add there, Mr. McPhee. Caps just joined Philly in the great Darcy fleece-a-thon.

T-Minus 20 Minutes: Continued bupkis from JR.

T-Minus 15 Minutes: Internet clobbered. Stream from TSN buffering.

T-Minus 10 Minutes: Pierre McGuire thinks Gelinas and Blake might still get moved. Blake would look good in the sightless eye.

T-Minus 00: Cue the Fat Lady


magnolia_mer said...

JR's saving his dollars to re-sign the Wizard and others after the season ends. Babs will continue his purgatory in Albany until he's done sufficient penance for his insolence.

No Weight and Recchi-types coming to our rescue. It's all on the boys we got now.

CasonBlog said...

And Ryan Smyth was there for the taking. ARRRRRGHHHH!!!

magnolia_mer said...

yeah, but he was too expensive.