Friday, March 23, 2007

Craps n' Canes: Ooooh, that was nice

Had family in town the last two weeks and with the Canes spending much of that time idle, didn't seem to be much to write about. We artists need to be inspired doncha know...

Anyhoo, about last night. Here's the list..

Ooooh, that was nice
1. Erik Cole demonstrating that you don't have to use your hands to be an impact hockey player. Dude still has hands of stone.
2. Eric Staal's pool cue poke for a goal after getting stymied all night on more traditional shots. Note how Cole set up the goal with his Juggernautesque rush.
3. David Tanabe may not be a hockey god, but he's becoming kind of hockey-titan-like. Sign this guy JR. He's suffered slings and arrows and his game is on the rise. In other words, he's earned it.
4. Carolina's re-emerging five man attack. Commie, Tanabe and Nic Wallin have re-discovered the art of the timely pinch.
5. According to Groins Tracy, Alex Ovechkin mocked Johnny Grahame at the start of the third period. At last report, the last laugh went to Nic Wallin who recovered from his shoddy coverage earlier in the game to stone AO8 in the final seconds. Didn't notice Nic mocking anybody. Act like you've been there juniorovich.

The CB Skepticism department is still not convinced the Canes are in it to win it. The Sharks on Saturday will be a big test. Good to be back. Thanks for the nudge, Herr Wuf.

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Bill Purdy said...

"Act like you've been there juniorovich."

I don't comment here nearly enough (what more could I possibly add?) but that made me LOL.

Nice job, Scott.