Monday, March 12, 2007

F-Troop and Opportunity

Sorry Sarge, I thought it was my horse

F-Troop was a silly western sitcom I remember from the sixties. Most folks remember Larry Storch as Corporal Agarn. Agarn was the sixties sitcom equivalent of George Costanza. He was immensely irritating and never missed an opportunity to screw up an opportunity. My favorite character in the series was not Agarn however, but the nearly blind Trooper Vanderbilt. He was always worth a cheap slapstick laugh as fell into the well or stumbled around trying to mount his horse from the wrong end. For some reason, Trooper Vanderbilt was assigned to the outpost's cannon. Without fail, at some point in the episode, he'd panic and fire the gun in the wrong direction taking off some body's hat or collapsing the guard tower.

The more I watch the Canes futility in the offensive zone, the more I think of F-Troop re-sets. Like the men of F-Troop, they never seem to miss an opportunity to miss and opportunity; they can't shoot straight, and can't get seem to get out of their own way. The blown 4-3 PP in OT seemed an appropriate ending to another 60 minutes plus of Caniac frustration. Mar - Ent Malik, Matt Cullen and Brad Isbister all had a hand in yesterday's vivisection. You would think at least one of them might have bothered to send a "Sorry your playoff hopes got dashed by two tons of irony Hallmark card."

I was out and about all day yesterday and only heard the last few minutes of the game on Sirius. The Canes big playoff push didn't even last a weekend. The Euro-enriched Rangers out-hit and out-shot-blocked the Canes. Tells me who left their hearts in their hotel rooms yesterday in Manhattan. Neither Erik Cole or Scott Walker found the time to hit anybody yesterday. Squeeze Me? Didn't anybody notice target of opportunity, Sean Avery, out on the ice for over 20 minutes?

OK, time to re-group...again. Here's to hoping the injury to Cam Ward turns out to be a big ole gift-wrapped lump of opportunity for John Grahame. Lets see how knowing he's the man effects Crackers performance Tuesday night and beyond. I think it interesting that the Canes bypassed River Rat, Justin Peters to call up Craig Kowalski from the ECHL. Peters 3.0 + GAA seem more Hurricane-like. Next up, the Florida Kitties with nothing to lose and well-rested after their Saturday night thumping of the Thrash.

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