Monday, March 26, 2007

Jack Johnson

Saw this first on Red and Black. Jack Johnson's oft-expressed and all-consuming quest for a national championship at Mee-See-Gann looks like it's over. Guess he saw the writing on the wall after getting trounced for two straight years by the mighty Miami Redhawks. Now Jack can't wait to get to the NHL and join one of hockey's worst franchises for a couple of meaningless games. Maybe he had to sign before the end of the year to qualify for the Kings off-season golf league.

I refuse to wring my hands on this. JR made a bold move after dancing with JJ for a long time. I dig Tim Gleason. Timaay's a Cane. He's one of my guys and Jack Johnson isn't. The Canes have a Stanley Cup and the Kings don't. Glen Wesley has a Cup ring and Chris Pronger doesn't. Scoreboard settles all.


WufPirate said...

I think JR would have had better luck signing Jack Johnson the musician

Jack Johnson's (the college boy) daddy is a prick, BTW.

bri said...

wow I didn't expect this out of a Canes fan in the least.

it was a bad trade, accept it and move on. Gleason is a decent #4 defenseman, nothing wrong with it and I apprecited him for that. but somebody messed up in the front office.

BTW I was cheering for Carolina to win the cup... still glad they won.