Sunday, March 25, 2007

Skepticism Department Considering Going on Hiatus

By Crikey, I do have hands!
What an effort last night in Raleigh. The boys are swarming and hitting (except Ray Whitney of course) like there is not tomorrow. Good thing, cause there is no tomorrow in the race for spots 6,7, and 8.

Ooooh, that was nice
1. Eric Staal's return to rocket-like accelerations and powerful drives to the net
2. The emerging two-headed, two-way monster that is, gulp, Joe Vasicek(?) and Andrew Ladd. This forum has never been the source for much Joe-glow, but I have been very impressed the last few games. February Joe lumbered along the boards in first gear with his back to the net. March Joe is proving a tough and physical defender and a heads up playmaker.
3. David Tanabe to endboard to Erik Cole for the second goal. Kinda like not calling your bank on a long range 3 pointer, but I bet David would say he meant to do it. Like the way Colesy ran over Craig Rivet on his way to the net.

To: Caniac Nation
From: CB Skepticism Department
Subject: It is way too early to even think about winning the SE Division.
Just because the Thrash and Ning are starting to see and quake at the approach of that ominous storm cloud on the horizon, it's not time to look ahead. Just make the cut boys. Sincerely,
Head Septic...errr Skeptic

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WufPirate said...

YO-sef Wasicheck? You mean the same Vasicek that Nashville couldn't get beyond a healthy scratch?

Keep in mind that he was our leading points scorer during the 03-04 pre-lockout season. He may be slow as molasses, but has picked up on how to make people run into him and fall, instead of vice-versa.