Monday, April 02, 2007

Are the Florida Panthers the Dumbest Team in Hockey?

Eddie, Tie Domi and Friends at Recent Mensa Convention
(H/T to JP over a SeSo who got the following rant rolling)
Another blown Panther lead, another Kitty rant about diving. Who would have predicted that Bryan Allen, one of the league's most penalized defensemen - a guy who plays every shift on the edge of a boarding or roughing penalty - would take a tripping penalty in OT? Who would have guessed that a cranky old Eddie Belfour with a history of going ballistic even when he's not blind drunk, would lose his cool in OT and open the door for the Canes with a 5-3? I suggest that it was very predictable because stupid is as stupid does.

Every organization takes on the personality of it's leadership. Where you find intelligent and focused leadership, you find the same in the culture of the organization. From the top down, the Florida Panthers rank among the top three the dumbest and most easily distracted teams in hockey (I'd put the Coyotes and Islanders in there as finalists as well). Even with the departure of Mike Keenan, the Panthers are still a team with more venom than vision. Look beyond Marty Gelinas and tell me where you find seasoned and mature leadership on that team. Jacques Martin? Pleeeze. Martin the GM still makes decisions on how much of a grudge he holds against the teams he thinks have screwed him in the past. Eddie Belfour? A mean drunk with a history of brawling with cops and teammates? Olli Jokinen? He's the chief spokesmodel whenever this diving thing comes up. He's also second only to Zdeno Chara in penalty minutes among the league's team captains.

Because the Panthers lack intelligent and focused leadership, they often crack when things start to go wrong. Things started going wrong when the Hurricanes made it a one goal game mid-way thru the third. From that point on, the Panthers played like a herd of panicked Wildebeesties. Face it Olli, Jacques, Eddie, et al, the story-line from last night's game was the implosion of your Florida Panthers - end of story.

And now for something completely different. A Center Ice rant
Thanks to some glow over at The Fanshouse, CB is getting a nice bump in traffic today. Perfect opportunity for a rant. Some nights, I'll record a game and the friggin DVR box will keep recording emptiness for four hours after the game concludes. Other nights, my recording gets killed when one of the kids wants to record a cartoon or pre-teen show. The latter is an easy one to explain. Kids and remotes-a deadly mix. Last night, there was nothing else in the queue - it just cut off immediately after the third period horn. Now I may well be dumb as a Florida Panther, but WTFO?

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