Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Caniac Carnival of Catastrophe

Every Picture Tells a Story
Cap'n Roddy's 100 Mile Stare

Thought it might be good from the historical perspective to do a carnival-esque summary of reactions among the Caniac Nation faithful to the '07 collapse of the '06 Stanley Cup Champs. Rationalizations and recriminations will be the topic of tomorrow's rant.

Her Imperious Majesty, the Acid Queen, takes a non-imperious and downright conciliatory tone with those still standing:
The gods favor the worthy, and if your team isn’t judged worthy, then you shake your opponent’s hand, congratulate him on a series well-played, and look ahead to next

Bubba over at Canes Country saw a lot of what has ailed the Canes all season in their third period performance last night:

Carolina has been extremely consistent at being inconsistent all year long.
The team has looked tired on more nights than not and looked totally gassed in
the 3rd period again last night.

Joe Ovies at the Buzz Blog gets it too:
Inconsistency, desire, injuries, awful power play, goaltending…the list goes
on. Carolina could not get itself together for whatever reason, but what sticks
out most to me this season was the change in how the Canes approached their
games. Last season they dictated the style of play...

David is channeling Morrissey over at Red and Black. Somebody please keep him away from sharp objects and winner-take-all Scrabble competitions.

I know it's over
And it never really began
But in my heart it was so real
Chris of Penalty Killer fame, isn't wasting much time with worthless whining and carrying on. He's the most pragmatic of us all:
Well fought game - they tried their best, but it wasn't good enough. At
least my tickets for next season are paid for.
Stormbringer went stream of consciousness live-blogging last night.
Until the first period of tonight's affair, I never realized that the Green
Acres theme* intro could be done in so many variations...and that's just on a
hockey organ!!
Keeping it all in perspective. I like that SB. Arnold Ziffel doesn't get enough respect for his contributions to American cinema.

Herr Wuf, the proprietor of the Carolina on Ice blog is Caniac Nation's undisputed King of All Visual Media Manipulation. He uses a YouTube snip from Office Space as the vehicle to express his take.

The Magnificent Ms. Mer (not meant to be a Seinfeld allusion, although I guess that line was "spectacular.") offers a dead-on summary of the Canes path to mediocrity this year over at Paperwhites in Season. She closes with this gem sure to reinforce all the positive coverage we get for hockey-south:

If we're not in the post-season, then I want someone in the West to get the
Cup this year. Go Nashville. Keep Redneck Hockey alive.

Yeee, Haawwww!

And on his blog, Carolina Hurricanes Blog Hokeyowy, our comrade in Poland, Rafal, announces what appears to be the expansion of Caniac Nation in Eastern Europe - now there are two.

Kibice aktualnych mistrzów NHL również doczekali się świątecznego prezentu! Od wczoraj pod adresem internetowym:
, działa strona poświęcona Huraganom z Karoliny...

I think this roughly translates to the Polish equivalent of, "Hockey in Carolina has bean berry, berry good to me...until today."

Ashley is simmering and somber over at The Life and Times of a Caniac:
The worst part about them missing the playoffs is that the Canes let it slip
away. If they had won games like the
games, they would be in right now. But, no, they had to go into a nuclear
meltdown to end the year, and look where we are.
My Take
As for me last night, it was anger, sadness and relief all swizzled together in one big mixed-emotion cocktail...and around two bottles of wine. Last season was a rush, but by June I was a mess. I ended up watching game seven of the finals from the local rink in my gear, even after my C League game was cancelled, because I knew I wasn't going to be good company at home.

I'm not sure all the angst I went thru during the Cup run was worth what I got out of it. I think what I most got out of that experience was a equal parts perspective and serenity. I can now say I've been there and done that as a Carolina Hurricanes fan. My team owns a Stanley Cup Championship. Many of those getting ready to vie for that title won't get to ride that roller coaster after all is said and done. The Duke of Wellington is said to have remarked after the Battle of Waterloo that the only thing worst than a battle lost is a battle won. The Carolina Hurricanes lived that maxim this year. They started the season banged up and gassed, and finished that way last night.

Moving On
I'm with Her Majesty. Let's see winning and losing with class. Let's see the love for the game trump the whining and venom. Let's see bravado balanced with humility and graciousness from all. Good luck boys. Good luck to everybody. Go Lightning. Go Rangers. Even go Sabres. The best thing that can happen this spring is for the Sabres to finally win that damn cup. No more Norwood and Hull re-sets may mean a kinder, gentler Sabre-Fan Nation...then again, maybe not.

And as always, intercourse the Thrash. I'm not ready to be that warm and fuzzy..until I have to.


magnolia_mer said...

David worries me, too.

TWO bottles of wine? Jeez, Casey, you worry me as well.

CasonBlog said...

No worries Mer. Unlike George Thorogood, I don't prefer to drink alone.

WufPirate said...

Is it pronounced "Cah-Sawn" or "Kay-sun" blog? Wuffie did a call in on 850 the Buzz (raleigh) and hoping I didn't butcher your name.

lal:tree said...

I'm torn between reppin' for the Southeast in the playoffs, or throwing my support behind Nashville. Since N'ville has Paul Kariya, advantage: N'ville, but I still like the idea of keeping it SE.

CasonBlog said...

Thank you friend Wuff fro the props. We use K-Sun or K-Sin in and amongst the clan. On second thought, scratch #2. Looks and sounds too much like a hip hop moniker.

Jes said...

1. We need another Southern cup winner like I need an infected scrotum. It's time for the cup to come back to Canada.

2. Since you got a cup, I'll offer a hug, but not much more in sympathy. We've waited a hella lot longer and got nuthin but Mark Messier laughing in our faces.

3. That's what you get for having 0 Slovaks on your team!

WufPirate said...

Carolina On Ice awards are up... my longest post ever. Had to update it a few times, couldn't let my attention-deficit problem take over.

Chris said...

Slovaks! I knew we were missing something. Get on that, JR!