Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Focused Aggressors or Scottish Kamikazes?

Her Majesty's Florida Panthers
(Hey McJokinen, cover up those naughty bits, will ya?)

The Canes need to run the table on three SE rivals and then pray for some good karma. Other folks offer a number of scenarios that could result in a playoff berth for the Carolina Hurricanes, but it all starts with a three game winning streak against two teams with nothing to lose and one with a lot to lose. Where are the Flyers when you need them? Ooops, the Canes already played that card and came up empty.

The Canes won the other night in Miami because they were a wee bit more focused in their aggression. As previously reported, the Panthers quit playing to win in the third, imploded in the OT and whined right the post-game activities. The Kitties are the NHL's version of Monty Python's Queen's Own McKamikaze Highlanders. They are oblivious to the consequences of their own behavior and seemingly fixated on self-destruction. Yes, Ray Whitney's unsportsmanlike minor in the third was real dumb, but not a late David Tanabe crosscheck, or an Eddie Belfour (insert anecdote of your choice here) dumb.

You wanna win this war on terror? I say get Belfour good and liquored up, slap a kilt on him and drop him on Tehran. Unlike the Scottish Kamikaze the Python crew dropped on the Kremlin, Eddie is sure to explode.

Focused aggression for 60+ minutes is the key tonight. That sloppy crap from Sunday won't cut it any more. Give up the odd-man rush to Frodo and Vinny and it's lights out - allow Danny Boyle and Brad Richards time to find campers in the slot and the Cup defense is probably over.

First the Bad News:
No Laddie, Walker, Wesley, Hedican, Cullen, AWard, Francis, Shanahan or Pronger in the lineup tonight.

Now the Good News:
Trade deadline savior Anson Carter will be in the lineup...

......Ok, we're doomed. Time to call in the Kamikazes.

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