Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goin' Back to Cali

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before the recovery process can begin

Hi all - I know it's been crickets 24-7 here at CB since the Canes were eliminated. I know I owe the Thrash crew a heartfelt ode to the bird as well, and I will deliver soon. I've just been, well, uninspired.

So as of today, I'm off to the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome for NHL Fans Wing of the Betty Ford Clinic. While I'm in Cali, I might also take in three days of the Southern California National Qualifier Volleyball Tournament.

Things for JR to get done while I'm gone:
1. Sign Ray and Scotty
2. Bring Joe Vasicek, and Anson Carter into the dimly lit boardroom and tell them they're fy-uhhh'd.
3. Schedule Bret Hedican's retirement banquet around Kristi's touring schedule.
4. Find somebody to take Trevor Letowski


Jennifer said...

All I can say Cason is that it will be much harder for you to write that epic post explaining why the Thrashers will win it all...if they somehow get eliminated before you begin.

magnolia_mer said...

you got your wish. Ray's been signed.