Friday, April 20, 2007

Kreskin Told You So Columbus

For the most part, I'm not a pig-piler. I did my Thrash glow piece earlier in the week, and haven't followed that coerced piece of prose with any Don Waddell/Bob Hartley bashing. I know my ATL pals are feeling bad enough. Leadership took a gamble and the boys didn't deliver. My team is out of the Cup race, and I only seek one element of retribution.

Last year, Paul Kukla was nice enough to pick up my Team Dillinger post and include a primer for it in his blog. It was tongue-in-cheek and I tried to stress that I felt Columbus' pain, but that didn't stop the venom from Franklin County. I got whacked with Dinner Jacket-Fan emails and comment postings on CB about what a dolt I was. I was a stupie who knew nothing about hockey or their beloved Jackets.

The Jackets finished 23 points out of 8th place. Team captain, Adam Foote, finished the season -17. Six-Million-Dollar-Per-Season-Man, Sergei Federov, only tallied 42 points - finishing in around 160th place in the scoring race. And yesterday, the Doug MacLean experience finally came to an end in Columbus. I was right. I am The Amazing Kreskin of Blue Jacket hockey analysis, and you lot are not.

Now is the time to rebuild in Columbus. I see Mike Barnett coming to Columbus as the new GM. Then I see a trade of Rick Nash to the Hurricanes for Trevor Letowksi. I, your personal Amazing Kreskin, see a bright future on the horizon for his beloved Blue Jackets if they follow his sage counsel.


WufPirate said...

Jim Rutherford to CBJ:

Okay so it's Trevor Letowski and Anson Carter for the autographed Greg Oden jersey? Cool, it's a deal.

CasonBlog said...

Works for me if they throw in an autographed Maurice Claret orange prison jumper.