Thursday, May 24, 2007

Buh, Bye Babchuk

I'm back to being president of the Luke D fan club. Good nugget today in his N&O column about the pending return of Glen Wesley. A year ago at this time I was wishing him fair winds and following seas thinking he was heading on to retirement. He came back and played well. He's still got least one more season's worth of game.

And Bret Hedican? I'm not so jazzed about the prospect of Bret coming back. Not saying he's not a warrior. Not saying he's not a class act. Not saying he's Barbaro...OK, yes I am.

As for Anton Babchuk, dude must be a total meathead to be shopped so publicly by JR for a lowly second round pick in a weak draft. Here I was thinking he might be a diamond in the rough, or at least worth something in trade. On the bright side, maybe the Canes will get the next Danny Richmond out of this deal...urrr sorry, just had a deja vu moment there.

In sum, Wesley coming back is good; Hedican coming back is good for Orthopedicistusus; and Babchuk will soon join Pavel Brendl on the ash heap of Hurricanes history.

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