Monday, May 14, 2007

CB's Knute Rockne moment with Sabre-fan

Dearest members of glorious Sabre-Fan Nation,
Now is not the time for despair. True champions rise above meager two-game deficits. Champions never doubt their comrades in arms, and their faith in their leadership never waivers. Now is the time to seize this great opportunity. Barry Melrose says we are dead. The entire hockey world thinks the Sens are having their way with us. Thus, a four-game sweep will be all the more sweet. Revenge is a dish best served cold-on an inch and a half of freshly re-surfaced Canadian ice.

We are now down two games to love and must play the next two in our hated opponent's house. So what. I say we have the Sens right where we want them. Champions don't dwell on the obstacles - they embrace opportunities. Our beloved Buffalo Sabres hold the Presidents' Trophy as the winningest team in the league for 2007. Buffalo, New York is the center of the hockey universe! Now we will shock the world!

Woe unto those who doubt the Sabres even at this darkest hour. This remains a team of destiny. And it starts with us, the Sabre-fan Nation, the most passionate and committed fans in all of hockey. Every home game, from October to June, a complete sell-out. No ticket? No problem. Sabre-fans by the thousands spill into the streets outside the HSBC Arena in support of this very special team. We will travel even unto the southern-most outposts of hockey civilization for the opportunity to root-on our beloved Slugs. Thus, and by any metric, our glorious Sabres are the more deserving team in these playoffs.

In summary, these Buffalo Sabres remain destined, ney pre-ordained, to gloriously come back from this deficit and seize a Stanley Cup Championship that should have been ours last year, if not for that cruel twist of fate that left our blueline so depleted. Those upstart, rent-a-player Hurricanes were not deserving of the Stanley Cup Championship they stole from our cold, dead hands. The most glorious comeback in hockey history starts tonight in Ottawa! It has been done before, but I don't want to talk about that right now.

Daniel Alfredsson, you fargin' bastage, you should be very afraid right about now. Daniel Briere is floating into Ottawa (mostly at even strength or better odds), and he's got revenge on his mind.

Ein Volk. Ein Slug-Reich!
Tung N. Cheak
Official Oracle
Sabre-Fan Nation


magnolia_mer said...

Did you bump your head or something?

CasonBlog said...

Down 3-0? No problem for a team of destiny. Now we really got 'em right where we want them! Jedi Master Ruff, now is the time to unleash the hounds!

magnolia_mer said...

That's nice, Casey.

Now go lie down. Good boy.

The Acid Queen said...

Dude, you know that they're not going to get the humor in this right?

I mean, if they can't figure out my bad attempt at satire, they sure as hell won't figure this one out.

CasonBlog said...

Kevin usually gets it. The rest are probably out on the ledge waiting for somebody to talk them down.