Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dennis Miller/Dana Carvey

Brothers in Absurdity?

The SNL duo had me laughing until I couldn't see thru the tears during the commute today. Carvey did a riff on Al Sharpton as the black Christopher Walken. He then told a story about a SNL production meeting. The writers had just finished pitching sketch ideas to a stone faced and disinterested guest star. Sensing no reaction from Walken who spent the whole time gazing out the window, Lorne Michaels asked the hall of fame guest host what he thought. His response...

"Bear suits are funny. Ape suits as well."
True Chris, so true. Words to live by, me thinks.

In my world, sincere absurdity is just about the highest form of comedy. Check out hour two of today's show at the DM radio show archives to hear the entire Miller/Carvey exchange. Dennis spends most of it laughing.

Hardcore DM fans will probably remember that this was a second run-thru for Dana doing the my dad is inappropriately gruff bit on Dennis' show.

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