Saturday, May 19, 2007


Chris Drury looks like the guy who services your car at Jiffy Lube, or the Marine sergant you see in a live remote from Baghdad. Leave the flowing Pirates of the Carribean goldie locks to Swedes named "Henrik." Drury seems to care little for his "look." That's about the only thing he and I have in common.

Sabres lost in five. Lost in their house and lost despite all the mojo the guys with orange arm bands could send them. No love lost here for the Slugs. Glad they are done in five.

That being said, my lasting memory of this series won't be Daniel Alfredsson's flukie limp wrister in traffic to win in OT. It will be Chris Drury's glove save, his other blocked shot on a slapper to the shin and the shot he took to the face. Not sure what the extent of his facial/maxillary injuries as of now. I just know he strapped on an extra piece of Plexiglas and came back for OT. My guess is that the Sabres will let Daniel Briere go. They'd be fools to let Drury get away.


d-lee said...

I'm with ya, brother. There's no way they can afford to re-sign Briere and Drury, both of whom deserve raises AND give RFA Thomas Vanek a big raise. They have 9 other free agents. Like you, I think they have to let Danny boy go. He'll make a happy home somewhere.

WufPirate said...

Agreed. Drury is a classy guy.

CasonBlog said...

Could his UFA signing with the Flyers mean kinder, gentler Broad Street Bullies?