Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ducks Win Prison Yard Riot #2

Game two was tough to watch. It reminded me of something I watched late one night on MSNBC about prison yard riots-lots of flailing limbs, scrambling perps and scrums from blueline to blueline. Apparently, the era of skating and long passes is over in this version of the "new NHL."

Sammy Pahlsson's goal was a thing of beauty, but was it worth the previous 40 minutes of ugly? I know, any day watching hockey is better than any day watching Gray's Anatomy or Brothers and Sisters. Yes, for a few brief and shiny moments, we again saw speed and skills on display. Let us thus celebrate that fleeting memory from last evening. A great attack launched in transition (compliments of a blueline "Doooh!" from the comedy team of Heatley and Spezza). Note in the replay how Sammy dipped his shoulder to get inside of Daniel Alfredsson who had to either hook, hold or let him go. Not willing to risk committing the cardinal sin of taking a late third period penalty, he let him go, leaving only Joe Corvo and Ray Emery to stop the streaking Swede. Grinder-line-Sammy then used Corvo as a human duck blind (a fitting analogy, eh?) to go double five hole.

There was a nice flurry of activity in the Duck's defensive zone right at the end, but by-and-large a pretty pathetic excuse for a SCF hockey game. Yaaawwwwnnnn...and good night.

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