Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The single most intriguing moment from Saturday's NFL Draft

As Seen on TV
Saturday for me was spent in front of the TV with some strain of the flu watching the NFL Draft. Not sure why I gravitate to this non-event every year, but I do. Best moment of the nine-or-so hours of coverage was when the Panthers dropped down to the 25th pick and took Dwayne Jarrett from USC. You could have knocked Keyshawn Johnson over with a feather. Not that Keyshawn added much to the ongoing discussion-other than gratuitously throwing the recently departed Chris Wienke under the bus-but dude was struck speechless the moment the pick was announced. He put up a brave front, but I could tell by the look on Steve Young's face that the entire dais knew what had just happened. I played high school sports against Steve Young in Connecticut. I remember that sneer quite well. It was the one he used to lay on me right after he struck me out with a nasty curveball.

So just to add insult to injury, the geniuses in the production truck thought it would be a good idea to have Keyshawn do a puff interview with the guy who just made him disposable. Who's yer buddy there One-Nine? Keyshawn's next stop was at the Manhattan Doc-in-the-Box to have several knives removed from his back.

Good luck Keyshawn. You deserved a somewhat less abrupt exit.

Maybe the Panthers will bring in a veteran "character guy" to take 19's place. Let's see. Fred Lane is dead. Todd Sauerbrun is scoping out black market pharmacists in Denver. Rae Carruth is in jail. Got a rookie coming from that character guy factory known as "The U." USC kid slated to replace old USC guy likes to taunt and showboat. You think the Panthers miss Sam Mills and Mark Fields right about now?

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