Friday, May 25, 2007

While we await the start of the SCF

So I'm sitting on the back porch last night with the missus drinking a little wine and watching the sunset while we listen to her music mix thru the Bose 350's. She cues up James Taylor, Supertramp, Bruce, Beach Boys and Chicago. The Chicago CD is a greatest hits compilation covering stuff from the 70's thru, I think, the late 90's.

I make the point that some bands who were edgy and fresh in the 70's became dull, boring and power-ballad-bad in the 80's. I referenced Chicago, Heart and Journey...well maybe Journey was pretty lame from the outset, but you get the point. JP has a link in his archives to the Journey boys in one of the most "unintentionally funny" music videos ever. Scroll to the bottom for this blast from the past.

Just to be fair, Mrs. CB's mental music catalog really only goes back to the early 80's, so she knows big hair and skinny ties but not afro-puffs and tight bell bottoms.

How do I know I'm right and she's wrong? I tuned into some channel in the 300's on Direct TV and found a recently recorded Heart concert. They were doing Dreamboat Annie and a playlist of covers from the 70's. As for their 80's stuff? There was nothing at all....That's what I call affirmation.


magnolia_mer said...

Everything from roughly 1983 to 1987 was what I call the sellout decade. Everybody added tons of synths and teased their hair and burned our ears and eyeballs out.

d-lee said...

Say what you will about Journey, (and there's a lot of funny stuff to be said about them) but Steve Smith is a phenomenal drummer. His talent was wasted with them.

magnolia_mer said...

Journey was actually pretty cool until the Frontiers record, which I did own (I was a kid, after all). I think they lost a lot when Gregg Rolie left the group.

d-lee said...

I can remember seeing that video for "These Dreams" when I was 15. Other kids my age were all gaga over how "hot" they were, but I remember thinking, even then.... "Man, this is cheesy"

The truth of the matter is, Heart had already jumped the shark by that point, but they did two things in that video to make extra sure. One of them I had a vivid memory of, and the other I had forgotten about until just a few minutes ago when I watched it on YouTube.

The first was that dumb kick Nancy does when it gets to the chorus the first time. The second is when she gives high-fives to those arms sticking out of the cage. Then to make triply sure, they had Nancy sing lead. Oh, what a tragic mistake that was.

CasonBlog said...

Watch the Heart show on Direct TV if you can. The leg kick is a Nancy thing. She still does it. It is kind of like watching Elaine from Seinfeld dance.