Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogger Box, Excellent

The Glow of a Stanley Cup Still Lingers

Congrats to EA cover boy Eric Staal

Deadspin was where I saw it first. Now Joe Ovies at 850 the Blog has a nice dialog going around the idea of permitting bloggers to attend games as pseudo-journalists. Bloggers would have to know their place and stay in their section of pigeon heaven, but at least they'd be there.

Two parts to the blogger glasnost program on Long Island appear to be a blogger box up on press row and post game interview access for bloggers. Deadspin offers this detail nugget:

"The NYI BLOG BOX will be a completely separate entity from the traditional
press box at the Coliseum. In addition, any post-game player and coach
availability for bloggers will be separate and after all working members of the
media have had their interview requests satisfied."

Well, isn't that special? Press Row gets chicken on a stick and multi-colored tortilla chips and the Blog Boxers get a handful of half-eaten Slim Jims? This wreaks of separate but equal. It smells of segregation, and of a caste system. Who will be the first blogger Rosa Parks? Who will have the courage to test this odious snob barrier? Who will be the first to boldly step in front of a Cousin Ned and land that exclusive, "We need to do a better job of getting the puck in deep," soundbite? My money is on Bubba...or maybe his anonymous hockey blogger minion.

Of course, I'm in Arizona, so the subject is moot for me, but were I still in Raleigh, all I'd want from Mike Sundheim is a once-in-awhile press pass, and maybe access to Ray Whitney for select post-post-game post-post, I mean after he's had a shower and a couple of beers...I want Ray raw and uncut. It would be great journalism. It might go something like this...

Me: "Ray, Colby Armstrong blindsided your boy Trevor Letowski pretty good tonight. Your thoughts?"
Ray: "Armstrong is s F*#*&!?!g little girl. F*&$?!@+ that puss. That's Ok, Commie got him back in the third with a elbow to the temple that F&^*^&*!g Mick McGeough missed."
Me: "So how is Letwoski? Does he have an undisclosed upper body injury?"
Ray: "Trevor was really F*&^?@*d up last time I saw him, Scott. He's got a nasty concussion. Pete told me he was muttering something about a big green gerbil that talked to him in his sleep. My guess is he'll probably spend much of the rest of this season a healthy scratch even after he gets off the IR."

Me: "Ray, why to you "F' with Tripp so much during his pre-game segments?"
Ray: "Truth is, Tripp is my BFF, and I get jealous when he pays attention to the other guys."
Me: "Not that there's anything wrong with that."
Ray: "Word."

Maybe that's what Sundheim fears most. The inherent truthiness of hockey blogging!!!!! If I were Mike, I would jump at the chance to give passionate fans with a take and a forum for expressing their ideas the best access possible. The stuff I read on hockey blogs is usually far more engaging that the stuff I read in a newspaper or watch during the 11 O'clock news. Ok, I never read a newspaper any more...and I never watch the 11 O'clock news. Bad examples-or are they? I think you get the point.

Those of you who read this blog and the other Canes blogs know any of us would acquit ourselves well if granted greater access. We respect the game. We love the Canes. We know the knife goes on the right side and the fork goes on the left. How is that a threat to the franchise? I don't mind if Canes' marketing wants to check out a blogger's pedigree first. I could tell Mike Sundheim today who is legit. Just look at my blogroll, and David's, and Bubba's, and Mer's, and PK's and AQ' al. Get the message Mike?

If you really want to see the power of new hockey media in action, go to Japers' Rink and see how JP has forged connections with the Caps organization, with his fellow DC Metro bloggers, and via endeavors like AOL Fanhouse, to a global community of hockey fans.


magnolia_mer said...

If Mr. Sundheim needs my press creds, I guess I could send him all my clips from my tenure as Features Editor of my college newspaper...:-)

(I actually did interview Def Leppard during their Adrenalize tour, well the replacement guitarist, anyway. Rock on!)

CasonBlog said...

Wow, Def Leppard. I'm not worthy!!!

Bubba said...

Scott, your comments are humorous and spot on, as usual! I appreciate you nominating me to be the first blogger on RBC press row, but I'm not sure I'm worthy! David, AQ, and others do a great job and have been around longer than I have. We all share a similar passion though.

I'm a bit torn about how I feel concerning this subject and about how it would affect me personally. While I think it would be great for the league as a whole to be granting more accessibility to bloggers, for my part I kind of like being anonymous, (no, I'm not related to Eklund). But if I did decide to come out of the closet, I wouldn't want a full time pass either. I think I would be perfectly happy just to get a pass for access during and after practices and report about that, especially during training camp and rookie camp. For instance I'd love to get the younger players background information and their impressions of being in an NHL camp, along with some humorous anecdotal stuff that you never see in the paper.

Cheers bud and long live hockey blogging! We'll have a "blogger's night" in the RBC yet!

CasonBlog said...

Bubba-Agree about the practice access angle. That would be a blast. I used to go over to the Rec Zone and watch lunchtime practices when I was in Raleigh. You pretty much had total access to players anywhere outside the lockerroom. Not sure things are still that way at the Rec Zone or over at the RBC.

If I were still back there, I'd be more interested in access to other bloggers and our community of readers. I think it would be neat to have a designated spot in the arena where we and our readers could gather and discuss the events of the evening. If Canes brass and players could be enticed to select post-game bull sessions, that would be a bonus, but not the focus of the venue.

What do you all think of this angle?

WufPirate said...

At the very least, the occasional "Blogger's Night" would work.

See the ATL Thrashers bluelandblog archives and see how they invited bloggers in and sat on press row, toured the locker rooms, etc...

Nice Work, CB.

Bubba said...

I like your idea as well, except that space at the RBC is at a premium now. The place has been sold out quite often the past couple of years.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

CasonBlog said...

I was thinking the bloggers might go Hamas on that Deck by Colony Homes (if it's still there) and make that prime real estate the new in-arena blogger's den of bile.

WufPirate said...

Or, there is the large chunk of parking spaces with the pine tree shade out by the foosball stadium side of the entrance & a massive grill/tent/tailgate set up. A Caniac Tailgating good time!

The Acid Queen said...

Y'know, I had actually thought about going through friends-of-friends-of-friends and getting a cred for a game. I'd cleave wholly unto Eric McErlain's 10 Commandments for covering a game as a blogger and the whole bit.

And then I realized that I really don't want to do that. I don't want to go to the locker room and ask questions. I don't want to have the opportunity to hurl Jack Todd down into Section 328 to be torn to shreds by the maniacs (don't get me wrong--it would be fun, but still). I'm perfectly happy getting a ticket at the box office and being a fan and rappin' about the game from a fan's perspective.

If I want to be a reporter, I'll apply for a yob at the N&O.