Friday, June 15, 2007

Der Versus Snafu

Major Hockstedder, let me assure you, it was not our fault..

I was really charged up to watch the DVR rebroadcast of Trish Stratus, the most decorated Diva in WWE history, and the her special guest, the NHL awards ceremony, but it wasn't there.

Lots of folks up and down the blogroll offer detailed analyses on how and why it happened. I did grab these soundbites off the wire service:

When asked to comment, Versus programming director, Major Wolfgang Hockstedder, avoided direct blame for the incident stating: "If my head rolls, all heads vill roll!"

Hockstedder's comments were immediately refuted by CBC public relations director, Sergeant Hans Schultz, who stated, "I see nothingk; I hear nothingk, and most of all, I know nothingk!"

To be honest, I was never really that interested. I hate awards shows as a genre. Sports award shows are no different. Dopey cue card comedy set-ups followed by dopey speeches from guys who aren't paid to be good at public speaking, and B-list celebrities in search of sports culture credibility. At least you don't see much political grandstanding and unabashed narcissism at an NHL show.

Congrats to Cap'n Roddy for a Selke part deux performance. I probably would have gone with Sammy, but Rod has earned a little lingering respect. Sammy will get his chances in the years to follow.

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