Thursday, June 28, 2007

Derelicte Don Maloney

For Mr. Don Maloney, the man chosen to lead the Coyotes into their next "Decade of Derelicte in the Desert," I offer this picture in place of the 1,000 words I could write to express my disappointment with your decision to waive one of the few guys on your roster who has paid the price it takes to win a Cup.


PB said... still doesn't make sense to me why he would choose to do this either.

After giving him a brief honeymoon period of about what four weeks (and a draft that he can't credit for), I am not optimistic that he did his research upon coming here or understood what he truly had in assets - only to just go by stats.

We weren't happy. Luckily, Adams and Boynton cleared waivers, but the act of placing them on waivers speaks volumes to me.

PB said...

*that's a draft that he can't take credit what is it with my computer? It doesn't write good.

CasonBlog said...

Boynton's a $2 mil plus salary drag. The Coyotes are probably paying bean counters in the office suite more than KAds. Who's gonna play center besides Reinprecht? Who's the UFA on Maloney's radar?

PB said...

That's the $2 + 7 M dollar question. I think they have been playing it very close to the vest.

Briere just turned down the offer from the Sabres...