Monday, June 04, 2007

Draft Weekend Blogger Bash in C-Bus

UPDATE: Great heads up from Soccer-Guy Jonathan to a comprehensive C-Bus visit guide put together by Sarah on her Neutral Zone Trap blog. Columbus has more culture than a bucket of yogurt! AQ, I demand a full report from The Magnolia Thunderpussy upon your return.

Got a note today from Drew of End of the Bench fame. He and Michael Turner of Army of the Ohio are your hosts for a June 22 NHL Draft Bash in Columbus. It should be a star-studded occasion headlined by the grand arrival of Her Majesty, The Acid Queen, who will represent the Caniac Nation.

I will be deep into stuff at work that won't let up until the end of July. Massive bummer. It would be good to get back and see how the burg has changed since I lived there in the early 90's. Michael has a very detailed, "what to do," list on his site. Here are some places I would hit if I would do if I could make it back to C-Bus:

  • Katzinger's Jewish Deli in German Village. The best Reuben sandwich evuh. Great garlic dill pickles too!
  • Graeter's Ice Cream on Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington (just west of OSU). It's a Cincinnati thing, not so much C-Bus, but Graeter's is the best ice cream in the land.
  • Moretti's Italian restaurant-order the Veal Francaise.
  • The estate sale at Doug MacLean's house-Probably in Bexley, Upper Arlington or New Albany. Everything must go! Great deals remain on last year's models including Zherdev, Berard. and Fedorov.

Good luck Drew and Mike. Hopefully this will be the start of an annual pilgrimage for hockey bloggers.


Jonathan said...

Speaking of the Doug MacLean estate sale, Sarah over at The Neutral Zone Trap bought Doug's copy of The Red Machine: The Soviet Quest to Dominate Canada’s Game by Lawrence Martin at a Half Price Books. Possibly.

CasonBlog said...

Thanks Jonathan. She's got some good stuff there.

WufPirate said...

CB - shoot me an e-mail to Need to fill you in on an upcoming "moot".