Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fear the Waterfowl

It looks like hockey is alive and well in Southern California

I spend a lot of time snarking on Euros lack of heart and grit. Yeah, it's a shameless play on an over-used stereotype. But like all sterotypes, it's rooted in some element of truth. Today, I formally renounce that it might otherwise pertain to Teemu Selanne. I've never seen any Euro that overcome by emotion after winning the Cup. While I'm somewhat ambivalent about the Ducks winning the Stanley Cup, I feel real good for Teemu. He's a warrior and a class act all around. If he retires now, he goes out the Elway of that franchise.

Random Thoughts

Just like last year, he couldn't get out of the way fast enough for me. Every time I see him I think of the Martin Short character pictured above. It's the one where he plays the paranoid and easily offended lawyer ensnared in a twisted web of lies and deceit.

The rest of you are a bunch of girly men
The Ducks are good-real good and they'll be knocking blocks for a few more years. I've been saying for months that the Eric Staal/Joe Thornton/Ryan Getzlaf physique-size, speed, power will one day rule hockey. That time is now.

The Sens had no answer for Dustin Penner, Ryan Getzlaf and Cory Perry. These boys simply had their way with (insert Senator defenseman of your choice here). Mike Comrie bounced off Rob Niedermayer's leg on the rush that led to the Duck's second goal. Mike Comrie is a flea in a world now ruled by Clydesdales. Dustin Penner got double-teamed on a number of occasions and came out of every scrum with his head up and in control of the puck. Much as I detest the guy, Chris Pronger took a number of wicked hits, including a cheapie to the back of the head from Chris Neil; he suffered a separated shoulder, and still came back to finish off the Sens.

Free agent issues? What free agent issues?
Just Teemu and Giggy. Can they afford to lose Giggy? My Schnauzer could have played in goal these Anaheim Ducks. J.S. is real good, but not critical. The Ducks might end up losing UFAs DiPenta and/or Huskins.

Today, it sucks even more to be Dinner Jacket fan
Francois Beauchemin is a fantastic defenseman. Todd Marchant was a great character-guy addition. Meanwhile back in C-Bus, Sergei Fedorov will be stealing money through the end of next season.

Requiem for Sabre-Fan
Damn dude! Your shot at last year's Cup gets stolen in seven games by a heretic southern hockey club that goes on to win it all in another seven game a nail-biter. This season, you rule all year long only to go doormat and lose in five to a crew that turned out to be doormats in the finals.

Grandma Duck Fan reminds me that it sucks to be a Caniac right about now
I ran into an elderly woman in a Ducks sweater this afternoon in the UA student union. She said she was at the Honda Center last night and flew out immediately after the game to be on campus for her grandkid's new student orientation session. She was sky high and could barely talk cause she lost her voice last night-first booing Daniel Alfredsson every time he touched the puck, and then cheering thru the final minutes and Cup celebration. The glory days of last summer seem like ancient history right about now.


Kevin said...

Ah, Nathan Thurm...

CasonBlog said...

Did I say I was talking about Nathan Thurm? I never said that. I can't believe you think I was referring to Thurm. You just made that up...

magnolia_mer said...

That's one of my most favorite Martin Short skits ever, right after the synchronized swimmers one with Harry Shearer.

Kevin said...

Are you trying to say I'm being defensive? You're the one being defensive...