Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fun with Sir Paul McCartney and Photoshop

Zoolander was on at least 15 times last week. My boys now know most of the lines cold. When I saw Sir Paul's Starbucks ad during one of the breaks, an eerie physical similarity, albeit generations apart, caught my eye.

Bad recent run for Paul. A bitter divorce row with a money-grubbing wack-job ex would be enough to bring anybody down. Paul and Linda had a ranch here in Tucson back in the day. The family came back to Tucson in the closing days of her life.

When I'm sixty-four, I might be pursing my lips like his Paulness, but it will probably only be when I am sans dentures. I don't know how much Blue Steel I'll still have in the tank. Good to see Paul rebounding with gusto.

Little Youtube snip below of Paul and Ringo with an easily confused Larry King. Yes Larry, Paul and Ringo are the ones on the set with you. John and George are only there in spirit.

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