Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lighten Up Francis...urrr Jerry

Saw this the other day on Lord Stanley's Blog. Mr. Jerry Barker of Raleigh sent a note to the N&O blog editor's imploring them to not use images of hockey players fighting. Mr. Barker is quoted as follows:

“Do everything you can to help promote good sportsmanship, positive fan
behavior, civility and good, clean competition.”

Barker referenced the grainy image above used in a piece about Scott Walker's pending free agency. The photo was totally appropriate and in context. Mr. Barker may have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express the night before he wrote the N&O editors, but he clearly doesn't know hockey or what Scott Walker brought to the Carolina Hurricanes.

There are a number of things I really love about hockey. One of them is the code of chivalry that keeps heavily armored men with space-age weaponry from killing each other. Guys like Scott Walker enforce that code of chivalry and keep "sportsmanship, civility and good, clean competition," in the game. It's where there is an absence of a guy like Walker where a thuglet like Brooks Orpik gets away with breaking Erik Cole's neck.

Hockey is an honorable sport. Periodic Fighting is hockey's version of sensitivity training . Yes, there are some goons in the NHL who bring no game to the game. Scott Walker brings game and grit, and that's why the N&O used that image.

If you can't take the Testosterone, Mr. Barker, it might be time get out of the gender.


JP said...

Well said.

I would add that you can see that whole fight here - a good bout between two guys who can play the game and drop the mitts when it's needed.

CasonBlog said...

Both honorable warriors.