Friday, June 22, 2007

We got us a Sutter

No more "hitting the wall," eh junior!
The only rap I remember hearing on draft day about Eric Staal was that he had a lot of physical developin' to do before he would be NHL ready. Staal was tall, lanky, a bit weak in the upper body, but blessed with great natural hockey sense. I think I had a deja vu tonight with the Brandon Sutter pick. Give the kid two or three years.

Weeks ago I took a SWAG (stands for scientific wild-ass guess) that the Canes would go blueliner and that guy might be Nick Petrecki. Might have been a real interesting pick for the home boys. Did you get a look at the wild eyes on that kid? He looked like Francis, errrr Psycho from Stripes. "You call me Francis, and I'll kill you." Did you notice him start to offer his mom, aunt, whatever, a manly handshake when he was announced as the pick?

Oh yeah, regarding the new sweaters unveiled tonight-Jackets and Craps.
The Jackets sweater doesn't look much different. Like the new logo that was the third sweater logo, but I miss the lime green bug already.

As for Washington, hate it. Looks like a practice jersey. Newish logo is retro-Caps, but the designer made the "t" into a hockey stick. Why does the logo have to have an incomplete "t" (missing the right arm) as a hockey stick? Why does the San Jose shark have to bite a hockey stick in half? Big ass sharks bite fat sea mamals and Hollywood actors, not hockey sticks. The classic Red Wings logo is a winged wheel-not a winged wheel running over a hockey stick. Chief Blackhawk isn't biting a hockey stick in half either.

The new shoulder patch looks to me like a variation on the Whataburger logo. JP likens it to the old 1970's Pontiac Firebird logo. His take is probably a better description.


d-lee said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw that shoulder patch was the Transformers.

CasonBlog said...

Washington Crapitals-robots in disguise...

WufPirate said...

Are they Decepticons or Autobots?