Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Hurricane Mullings

Tell this guy his sweater is just not hip enough

Kevyn Adams was placed on waivers today by the Coyotes along with Nick Boynton. Hope Kevyn finds his way to club that needs his leadership by example. I thought that team was going to be the Coyotes. They weren't going even have to pay him squat this season, so they obviously just wanted Kevyn gone. Yet another speed bump in my three-year old loveless relationship with the desert dogs (H/T Emperor Paul). Will/should he get another chance with the Canes? Much as admire Kevyn, I think not.

It appears that Nic Wallin has been made an offer he can't refuse. Not sure "no trade clauses" do much for a player besides giving you a bit of leverage. But it's the kind of leverage that can backfire if you get in the way of a GM trying to take care of business. If it were me, and my team wanted to move me to recharge the team, not sure I'd want to stay once things became known. Nic, my advice to you is this; you are in the sports entertainment business. It's not wise to stand in the way of business. Handle this with class, and you'll always enjoy a heroes' welcome in Raleigh. Take your toys and go home, and you'll forfeit the esteem you've earned with the Caniacs. Life involves change. Living in Apex ain't all that, what with the chemical fires and annual ice storms...

If Nic is moved for Joni Pitkanen, the Canes get an instant infusion of offensive production and a freelancing Euro with a nasty streak. Last season, the Canes were short on both nastiness and offensive production from the blueline. Pitkanen alone produced almost as many points as the top two scoring Hurricane blueliners last year (Commodore and Tanabe). The question lingering in the back of my mind is whether the Flyers are looking to move Pitkanen because the signing of Kimmo Timonen makes him expendable, or if it's because he's a bit of a head case. The kid is only 23. Coach McCarthy might have to go a little Sergeant Hulka on the boy for the first few weeks of camp to get him to buy into the system.

The Canes alleged new sweater features a space-age polymer core fabric and a dopey oval stripe around the shoulders. Maybe RBK felt the need to offer the illusion of meaningful design change. If a shoulder stripe is that meaningful change, I am not impressed. In my business, white space is your friend. The Canes sweater is already busy enough along the hem. Why break up the crispness of the shoulders with its focus on the wind-ravaged hurricane warning flag alternate logo. I know, I'm venturing dangerously into Feng Shui-land. Nike started all this BS of adding swatches of colored polygons to socks and the armpits of sweaters, and RBK is blasting down the same path. Aren't there any old school hockey advocates left in NHL marketing shops? My top three favorite NHL sweaters remain old school:
  • Montreal home red

  • Blackhawks home red

  • Rangers road white


PB said...

For the record...

Moving Adams and Boynton was not a smart move at this time...


CasonBlog said...

Must be a top free agent centerman headed to the Valley of the Sun, cause the Yotes are down to Reinprecht as their only legit centerman.

Gretzco overpaid for Boynton. This makes that deal look even more silly.

PB-I'm excited about seeing Wheeler, Hanzal and Mueller during preseason. Let's do a game or two again this year.