Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What About Hedican?

Thursday, June 21 Update:
Lorenzo Perez in today's N&O, quoting JR:

"And then we may look at changing our defense a little
bit," he said. "... Maybe we could add a puck-moving defenseman and maybe kind of change our style there a little bit."

My sources say Joe Corvo or Tom Preissing. Of course my "sources" are usually just the voices inside my head...makes me just about as credible as some others in the mongering business, eh?

Raleigh: Hurricanes sign Scott Walker to multi-year deal.
When asked to comment, Mr. Jerry Barker of Raleigh offered only the following public comment: "Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em."

Love the Remo Williams take, by the way. That being said, Walker will always be Gus Grissom on ice to me.

So, the Walker signing leaves $2.3 in the kitty for a 3rd line center, eh? What about Bret Hedican, his bad hip and his two-point-four-meeealunn-dollars? The Canes want the Hedican cliffhanger resolved by July 1, so might there actually be $4.7 mil in the kitty? If Heddy's return was a done deal, I think we might have heard something by now. Last Bret update in the N&O was Friday, the 8th of June.

Everybody says a 3rd line centerman is the most pressing need. If Bret takes DLee's advice and Hamill-Camel's off into the sunset with his lovely wife, I think the most pressing need will end up being a top four blueliner. I'm just a caveman, and easily confused by all this modernity that surrounds me, but I'm just not comfortable starting the season with Commodore, Kaberle and a supporting cast of over-the-hillers and under-achievers.

I believe in Chad LaRose. I think the boy might surprise a bunch of us if he's given the chance to run the third line. I say, let Trevor Letowski run the grinders until he can prove his game rates more than a handful of minutes a night.


WufPirate said...

Chad LaRose has only just begun to scratch the surface of his potential. All anybody in the media can ever say about him is how short he is. But we began to see that higher level of production from him in the last half of the season. I too, am expecting big things from Rosey.

CasonBlog said...

Late from the N&O, Hedican will be back. Will he be in shape? Will he need to rest and rehab until the closing days of the pre-season again? I'm by no means a Hedican hater, I've just been thinking about the risk of carrying brittle players in key roster slots (Heddy and Cole). Hedican at 100% means a solid #3 defenseman in the nightly lineup. Here's hoping for the best.

Tells me Babchuk is even closer to excommunication.