Sunday, July 01, 2007

Canes Trek III: The Search for Cullen

Canes sign some guy named Hamilton?

Who knows this guy? I thought George Hamilton was kinda old for the NHL- magnificently tanned, but a bit brittle, and slower than Jason Allison in a headwind. I might have the details wrong-hard to get real accurate info on the road.

Greetings from Pasadena. No "official" Hollywood sightings, but I did see a guy coming out of Starbucks this morning who looked like Billy Bob Thornton. But then again, don't most of us look like him... give or take a few tats (interpret as you wish).

Looks like JR and company are trying to revisit the magic of 2005. Find 'em a speedy centerman-way under the radar guy with a nose for net who loves to compete. Humm, who do I remember from Caniac history who fits that MO? What's the name I'm looking for? Could it be, oh I don't know, Cullen!?! So, now the Canes have Chad and Jeff LaHamilrose. Great. Now show me a puck-moving blueliner! Schneider is gone. Rafalski is gone. Hedican is going to "give it the old college try." I'm still far from feeling warm and fuzzy about the blueline.

Come on Luke and Lorenzo. Do some friggin' deep digging. What happened to the Wallin for Pitkanen deal? We get detailed reports from 50 different journos every time somebody in Buffalo scratches their nether region. Why do we know nothing about what's going on with our boys until after the fact?

The Avs and Rangers cleaned up today-big payroll additions, but top-notch pros. The Caps added Tom Poti and Victor Kozlov. The Kitties got Dvorak, McLean and Richard Zednick. Oooh, those boys are nice players. Glad JR didn't jump into the feeding frenzy on mediocrity. Why pay Victor Kozlov $2.5 mil when you can have Scott Hamilton for less than $1 mil. The newest Cane is an "energy guy," and a his triple-toe loop is far better than Kozlov's or Zednick's.


WufPirate said...

The Chuck Norris of Hockey...errr... Chad LaRose will have a kickass year.

Hamilton is a shoot-out-er, which is worth $800K/yr alone.

magnolia_mer said...

I kinda like Hamilton. I know nothing of him, just like the look of him. Kinda looks like Luke Skywalker.

CasonBlog said...

Tatooine, Chicago, same style of play.

Raskolnikov said...

Jeff Hamilton is a midget who played at Yale. And can't see directly in front of him out of one eye. But he'll get 20 goals.