Monday, July 30, 2007

Filling the summer hockey void

Louis Jordan Rules!
Amy won the Next Food Network Star competition, so I once again find myself deeply immersed in the hockey deprivation void. Howevuh, last night I stumbled on some pretty cool TV. I found an obscure cable channel called Ovation TV, and a series called Popular Song.

This possibly British-produced series plays like a Ken Burns documentary and goes into minute detail about the evolution of pop music. The episode I tuned into dealt with Abba. I just thought they were an evil (obligatory prop to Master Jes) Swedish disco-synth monstrosity. Never gave the quartet any love...until last night. Folks who know music-who do music, seem to love Abba. Who'dah thought?

Then, I watched the Rock n' Roll episode. Lots of stuff I never knew about the origins of blues, jazz and country music, and how Elvis fused the two. Muddy Waters doing Hoochie Coochie Man was slick. Louis Jordan doing Caldonia was even better. Jordan is credited as the originator of the R&B sound. His stuff is slick, toe-tapping and his stage presence was awesome. Watch a few minutes of Louis Jordan and you will see immediately where Mick Jagger and James Brown got their grooves.

I had to FF thru Hank Williams and Jimmie Rogers. They just looked and sounded silly in all that B-serial cowboy attire. Ooooh, my dog got drunk, and my truck left me.... My wife broke down and the boss wants me home for supper...


magnolia_mer said...

My dad would often threaten to play Hank Williams' "Luke the Drifter" as punishment if my sister or I got out of line. I think my mom threw the record out one day when he wasn't home.

Some of the old 'traditional' country is heinous.

However, Bocephus (Hank Jr.) rules.

CasonBlog said...

Cruel and unusual defined.