Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Hedican Plot Thickens?

Today's must read for Caniacs is over at Canes Country. According to a self-reported, and thus unverifiable source close to the Hediguchi's who seems perfectly willing to violate their trust, Bret's career in the NHL is basically done but for the press conference. So what the Hell was Mike Russo looking at yesterday in Minneapolis? A pickup game swan song? Check out both the "Iron Man" post and comment string and today's "Once Bitten.." narrative over at CC. Just to whet your appetite:

My sister has been involved with professional figure skating for 15 years now. She is good friends with Kristy Yamaguchi. Because she knows that I am such a fan of the Hurricanes, she was asking Kristy how Bret was doing and what his plans are (Kristy does not know that I am a fan, and spoke to Laura in confidence).

Judge for yourself. I bet his sister is Tonya Harding. She probably threatened Kristi with a Gillooly across the knees if she didn't confess.

I fill the void of uncertainty with irreverence. In the end, this is just sports entertainment. Others choose to fill it with rumor mongering. If the commenter over at CC is legit and willing to entice his sister into violating the trust of a friend, I find that damn near despicable no matter how "inside" on the Hedican issue this deep digging gets us.

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Beth said...

That anonymous comment is looking like total BS. Trolls suck.