Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Make me the N&O's sports editor

Compared to other hockey markets where you see things about the local club on a daily basis, mainstream media coverage of the Carolina Hurricanes world is been virtually non-existent over the past few weeks. The last article specific to the Canes in the N&O was on Aug 9, and it dealt with the plea deal offered to Eric Staal and posse. The last Lord Stanley's Blog post was on Aug 14 and it dealt with variable ticket prices in Buffalo. Here's sampling of articles available on the Red Wings Section of the Detroit Free Press Web site as it appears right now:

Babcock talks lines and raves about Kronwall (Aug 19)

Wings step up to the plate for softball charity game: (Aug 17)

Red Wings unveil new jerseys (Aug 16)

Come on N&O Sports Editor, Sherry Johnson, you and your team need to spend some quality time with the Hurricanes. And don't try and blame this poor coverage on ACC Obsession Syndrome. Mike Nifong is long gone and Chapel Hill's run at the college baseball world series is histoire'.

If N&O brass were to make me guest interim sports editor for the next few weeks, I'd have my crew deep digging on these topics:

  • Bret Hedican's comeback - What's his plan? What's he been doing to get ready for the grind?
  • What is JR's "Plan B" if Hedican can't make it back? Is he happy with this defensive corps? ... Because I'm sure as Hell not happy!!! (Ooops, that's agenda-driven journalism. And that's bad, m'kay?)
  • How did Cam Ward spend these last few months after a disappointing '07 season? Has his off-season routine changed?
  • How about the off-season routines of other Hurricane regulars? How about the guys who spent so much of the '06-'07 on the DL? What are Frankie and Grampa Stillman up to this off-season?
  • Do Seidenberg and Letowski have places on this roster?
  • What does Michael Leighton's signing mean for Grahame, Nastiuk, Peters et. al.?
  • How's life in Russhah treating old Anton Babchuk?

OK, I really don't give a flip about Anton the Defector. I fart in his general direction. Did I miss anything else?


Beth said...

Inquiring minds want to know, Cason. It's true. Raleigh media barely acts like it has a professional sports team.

I'm hopeful about what WCMC radio might have to offer us once they change to the all-sports format. Word has it that there will be a regular (weekly, I guess?) show featuring Coach Lavi. And there is also word that the WRAL website will feature more 'Canes features, too. The 'Canes may have a good friend in Capitol Broadcasting. We'll see how it goes this season.

Beth said...

Hey, I have an idea. I was going to email you about it but don't see your address anywhere on the site (i might just be blind). Write me? bethellison@netscape.net