Monday, August 13, 2007

Jumping in the Wayback Machine with the Maven

Not much in the news these days, so let's dive back into ancient history for this oldie but goodie from May, 2006. Here's the Hockey Maven's take on the pending Sabres v. Canes tilt for the Eastern Conference championship. Dine if you will on these tasty bites:

As I said on the air following Carolina’s elimination of the Devils, I consider Cam Ward a “cardboard goaltender.” Since the start of the playoffs, Ward has been touted as the second coming of Georges Vezina. This is nonsense. (How 'bout "Conn Smythe?")

Some analysts believe that the bigger Canes forwards will wear down their Buffalo counterparts. I’ll believe it when I see it. (you saw it-three unanswered goals in the third period of game seven)

The Hessians, Doug Weight and Mark Recchi are over the hill, but are still dangerous. (too bad the series wasn't played at midnight on New Year's Eve in Trenton, New Jersey.)

Peter Laviolette has been nominated for the Adams award because of an equally positive campaign. That is, if you overlook his egregious failure with Uncle Sam’s Olympic team in Turin. (Egregious? Now that's just plain mean.)

He gave the Sabres the edge in every category but special teams. He called that even. Can't wait to see what gems the cranky old coot comes up with this year. I think it will be all Rangers all the time in Maven's world and across the MSG network.

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WufPirate said...

We've all seen the replay or highlights of Game 7 of the Cup Finals from that year many times since. This game you mention in this post - often gets overlooked. Nice to reminisce.

Youtubage of the highlights here.