Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kevyn Adams finds a new home

C/B Hall of Famer Kevyn Adams to Chicago for Radim Vrbata. "Vrbata" is Czech for slightly annoying airborne flatulence-silent but non-deadly. Chicago's veteran front lines now have a solid PK and clubhouse culture leader. The perennial dormat Blackhawks should be very fun to watch this year. They should even be a better draw when Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews mature.

The Yotes on the other hand seem to have replaced the floating softie they let go to Dallas (Nagy), with an even breezier Euro in Vrbata. The Coyotes did a pretty nice job unloading some dead weight this off-season, but bringing in Vrbata and Mike York seem questionable moves to me.

Meanwhile, Keith Ballard remains unsigned.

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magnolia_mer said...

Wow. KAds really got sent to Purgatory, didn't he?