Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Monday Night Vick-a-thon

Prime Time Ocho!

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ABC-Disney moved Monday Night Football to ESPN last season in the hope of extracting a little more cash from the rickety franchise. Sunday night is now the premiere NFL game, and Al Michaels and John Madden rule once again.

Last night showed why Al and John still rule. When ABC hired my guy Dennis Miller, John Madden was reported to have commented, "I thought the game was the entertainment." Last night, Ron Jaworski wanted the game to be the entertainment, but not Mr. Tony. Kornheiser wanted to drone on and on about the lingering effects the Vick plea was gonna have on the team. Boom, boom for hours as Mr. Tony beat the dead horse. Cut-aways to the booth so we could see Kornheiser in a sports coat and out of the sports coat...as he droned on and on about the misery Vick had wrought.

Jaws knows football. He knows football players. He's lived football culture. Jaws tried to keep the focus on football. Mr. Tony is a columnist. Bad news sells columns. Mr. Tony wanted to focus on the misery. I expect Jaws to snap Mr. Tony's pencil neck by week four.

I go right back to Madden's commentary-the game should be the entertainment. MNF traded Dennis Miller's obtuse and irreverent comedy for a self-absorbed sports columnist's editorializing. It felt like an extended version of ESPN's Sunday sports reporters show. Where were Mike Lupica and Mitch Albom? Where was the grand rhetorical brawl we've come to love when sportswriters lock into a death struggle over who gets to have the last word? Give me Dennis Miller back.

Another intensely irritating vignette from last night was the ten minute sideline interview with the editorial columnist from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The lady was a nice bookend to Mr. Tony. She just droned on and on about Mike Vick and the reaction of "The Community." You don't have to hold a Ph.D. in sociology to figure out that code-speak.

Thank God for the return of Chad Johnson and that little Japanese kick return specialist...about the only football I remember from last night.


PB said...

For me, Dennis Miller was the next generation Howard Cosell - I heard a lot of similarities between the two guys.

If you say four weeks that Jaws rips Mr. Tony a new one, I'll take the under. I might lose the wager, but it will give me hope to my wishful thinking.

[Yep, PB is not a Tony K. fan...]

WufPirate said...

Tony on PTI? Cool. Tony on MNF? Not so cool.