Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Take on the Eklund Buzz

Bubba nailed it in a comment over at Southeast Shootout when he said,

"At least he admits at the end of it all that he's probably just an entertainer.
That's what his writing is to me, entertainment."

The term, "entertainer," also comes up at the end of Greg Wyshynski's piece at NHL FanHouse:

So if he never becomes a member of the Professional Hockey Writers Association,
does Eklund consider himself a journalist, a blogger or both?

"Probably more like an entertainer," he said.

Journalists are supposed to serve the citizens of a free society by mining and reporting the truth. Blogging began as a tool for social networking, but it has become an alternative to traditional media. The lines between the two are blurred, and I say that is good. The more blogging merges with journalism, the more the blogger will be held accountable. For the journalist, this inevitable convergence means escalating competition and an ongoing need to prove he or she is still relevant.

For the "entertainer," especially one like Eklund, who can't sing, dance, act or tell jokes, accountability and relevance don't pay the bills or feed the ego. With no talent to bring to the game, all he can offer is shock and titillation. And traffic to the Ek-tertainer's site proves we love us some shock and titillation. To the attention slut, any buzz is good buzz.

All this analysis and dialog over the past two days has only served to feed one man's ego. Welcome to Dwayne's World fellow suckers, he made us look.

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