Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Still Obsessing About Danny Markov

(image: Eye Candy-a great Hurricanes photo repository)
I've never been a uge fan of Soviets. Alexi Yashin is going home to Mother Russia, where he's a still a says his wife:

"I think he needs to go where people understood him and where he's looked at
like a god," Alt said of the former Ottawa Senators player. "He wants to come
back (to the NHL), but I just think he needs to clear his head."

Yeah, Carol, my wife thinks I'm a god too, until I can't remember the significance of a certain date, or I get so immersed in a hockey game that I fail to recognize something is on fire or that she has something very important to discuss with me.

The biggest exception to my anti-Soviet bias has always been my boy, Danny Markov. In my mind, Markov is the undisputed king of smile when you hit 'em hard, roll the helmet back till the visor provides no protection, old school pond hockey. Danny played well and stayed healthy with the Wings last year. Yeah, he kinda disappeared in the last two playoffs, but he's still the consummate hockey mensch. Christy Hammond linked to a report that Danny is now playing footsie with the Russian club, Vityaz Chekhov (according to Sovsport-Russian hockey's equivalent of Pravda, I'm guessing). Vityaz Chekhov? Where the Hell is that? What is that? Sounds like a Star Trek themed energy drink.

I say don't go Danny. Your asking price is still to rich (> $2.5 mil) at this point in your career. Go ahead sign with the Islanders if you have to, just stay on this side of the Iron Curtain. I'll even watch an Islanders/Dinner Jackets game. I'll suffer thru the overdose of under-achieving Russky's just to watch a few of Danny's shifts.

Her Majesty has her Marek Malik fixation. Ashley has Erik Cole. For me it's Danny. Hey JR, fly Danny in, take him to PF Chang's for some potstickers and shots of Stoly. See if he'll come back for less. If Heddy can't make the run, you'll need veteran top-four blueline leadership.

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WufPirate said...

This doesn't rival CB's man-crush on Markov, but I've got a thing for Ryan Bayda. Not because of his hockey skills, but because he, Brad DeFauw, and Pavel Brendl used to come in to Jersey Mike's Subs every single day when I worked there many years ago. Same thing every day. Giant Chicken Salad sub. But he would shoot the shite with me and I always appreciated it.