Friday, August 17, 2007

What's Up With Hedican?

Misty Water Color Memories...of the Way You Was?

I've seen no updates on Bret Hedican's rehab or conditioning progress with the bad hip. The Canes have seven NHL vets under contract to man the blueline. If the club wants to keep eight on the roster, that leaves one spot open and potentially two if Hedican can't come back. Bret is slated to suck up $2.4 mil in salary. On the UFA front, I see Danny Markov, Brent Sopel and not much else. Markov wants greater-than-Hedican money, and I'm not sure what Sopel's conditions might be. I don't see either in the sightless eye unless the cash fairy makes a call on the RBC.

So if JR is working a contingency deal, I have no idea what that might be. That's probably the way the Maestro wants to keep it. Moving Trevor Letowski would be obvious, but he'll have to go with somebody a whole lot sexier if the Canes are going to get a top-two or top-four blueliner to fill a potential Hedican void. Give it two to three weeks, then stand by for the
"A source tells me Erik Cole is on the trading block rumors" to re-surface.

Come on you Deep Diggers in the local sports media - all two of you - find out whether Bret's "I'm going to give it a try" is a commitment the Caniacs can bank on. Is he in the midst of a workout regimen or is he getting physical therapy and Cortisone injections? Bone marrow infusions or protein shakes? I'm not hating on Heddy, I just think we are hearing way too little about the status of a critical member of this squad less than a month before the first pre-season game.


magnolia_mer said...

Do we ever hear much about any of the Canes' injuries and treatment? Apparently El Capitan had a bad foot for most of the season and very little has been said about it or what's been done to treat it. We didn't hear much about Stillman or Kaberle either except what color practicer jersey they were wearing from day to day.

My fearless prediction is that a decision on Hedi will be reached after a couple of pre-season games. If he isn't up for it, JR can't afford to take half the season to make a change.

WufPirate said...

I predict that Hedican will get into a fight with Letowski. They will both beat each other to a bloody pulp at training camp and neither will be able to play. Thus, they are released from their contracts - and we go out and sign CB's man-crush Danny Markov. Or something like that. (e4)

Bubba said...

*L* good one WP

CasonBlog said...

or Dennis Seidenberg will get yet another chance at hockey stardom.

Beth said...

There's something to be said for playing your cards close. 'Cept for sometimes. Like now.

Hiding Brindy's foot problem last season was smart. Keeping the Hedican situation under wraps all summer is just making a lot of people nervous.

Bret "Hip Check" Hedican, keeping us all in limbo.