Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The world's best Barbeque is in the Sonoran Desert

The other night as we sat around the dinner table, Mrs. C/B and the kids were pondering all the things they missed about living in North Carolina. I dig the desert. They're still warming to the idea. Here's my list:

1. Real trees

2. Natural bodies of water

3. Living within a day's drive of any place along the Eastern Seaboard.

4. Carolina Barbeque

Fortunately, we've got something even better than Carolina Barbeque here in Tucson. It's called Carne Seca. Carne Seca is Spanish for gourmet beef jerky, but it's far and away the best Mexican food in the world. The best Carne Seca in Tucson is found at the El Charro Cafe, the oldest family-owned Mexican restaurant in America. The key is Sonoran Desert aging. The folks at El Charro marinate beef brisket in lime juice and garlic and then hang it in the metal basket depicted above in the Tucson sun for two to three days to jerkify the meat. They then shred it and reconstitute it using a mixture of tomatoes and chiles.

You can get Carne Seca a la taco, burrito or chimi, but the best way to serve it up is in a big ole pile with a flour tortilla. Kinda like Barbeque -only with five times the kick.

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