Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Musings

Day One and Already a Body Count? arrrrghhhh!!!
Ladd-sore back (how does a kid that young have a sore back???)
Hamilton-hip and/or groin injury before he even stepped on the ice
LaRose-sprained knee
Hedican-"nominally" healthy, which is code for, let's see how well the extra strength Tylenol PM works after a real NHL preseason practice
Kaberle-Knee rehab

New "A" Teamers
Congrats to Eric Staal and Ray Whitney for their selection as alternate cap'ns. Deserved reward for Whitney and what looks like the first step in the transition from the Brind 'Amour era to the Staal era. Interesting that Erik Cole didn't get the nod. That must mean he's on the trading block!! Yeah, that's the ticket. Cole Edmonton for Dustin Penner and the stuff left behind in Chris Pronger's locker, including the phone number of a certain sultry sports reporter vixen.

Go decimated Canes. Beat the new and improved Craps.

1 comment:

WufPirate said...

Ladd, LaRose, & Green Eggs and Hamilton are all too young to be having injury problems.

Of course, I'm talking trash and would get annihilated if I tried to play one game out there.