Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Musings

Future So Bright...
Remember when you looked at players in the Canes system around the trade deadline, and knew there wasn't anybody in goalie pads who would be worth much in trade? Lots of kids made it fairly deep into the preseason this summer, including Brandon Sutter, who stuck around quite awhile and got a real good taste of what it's gonna take to get his game ready-probably next season-for the show. As the Canes finally send Casey Borer and Brett Carson down to Albany, you have to admit the future looks a whole lot brighter across the system. Great job PK, JK, and Lavvy.

On the Road Again
I'm in Cali next week and away from my beloved DVR just in time for the start of the season. I'll have to take your word for how week one goes in Canesville.

Totally Unbiased SE Division Predictions
1. Carolina Hurricanes - Embarrassment is a great motivator
2. Crapitals - Young and cocky with everything to gain this season
3. Ning - One big Fonzie meltdown away from implosion
4. Kitties - Over their post-Luongo separation anxiety...maybe
5. Thrash - Just a deadline Tkachuk deal away from #4.

Totally Unbiased Eastern Conference Playoffs Prediction
1. Ottawa - This season's version of da Slugs
2. Pittsburgh - If the defense can keep it close
3. Carolina - Deeper, rested and recently embarrassed
4. New York Rangers - All that money has to buy something? Right?
5. Toronto - Cause Coach Mo says so!
6. Buffalo - Pride (or bitterness) still runs strong in those slug veins
7. Philly - Wicked pissed at being walked on last season
8. Craps - Superman in a bad Soviet haircut now has a Norse sidekick

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